The TechLoc sculptured panel is a quality concealed-fastener wall panel, for use in special architectural applications or as a premium building system wall panel. Its sculptured profile has a contemporary, architectural box appearance.

This panel is best suited for architectural details or self-framing applications. The TechLoc Flat panel can be used as a wall panel with flat surface exposed or with ribs exposed for a special accent.


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Steel Cladding

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Strong and versatile Industry standard profile suitable for any project.


Durable heavy duty panel offering wide coverage and strength.


Wise and economical low-profile panel for any application or construction type.


Versatile option with anti-syphon grooves for additional water protection.


Specialized panel suited for architectural applications or self-framing construction.


Standoff insulation system providing an attractive low-profile finish.


Heavy duty steel deck is the superior choice for built-up roofs and concrete floor slabs.

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