Even the very best building envelope won’t last forever. When it comes to replacing yours, Steelway can provide the products and services you need. Correcting a failing roof system, improving the thermal efficiency, or altering the aesthetics, Steelway has the products and services you need for your retrofit project. Architects, specifiers and building owners rely on Steelway components because we meet the most comprehensive testing and compliance standards in the building system industry. Building owners looking for a way to stop roof leaks, reduce maintenance costs and improve the appearance of their facility are finding the answer with Steelway Roof & Wall Systems.

An updated envelop modernizes the aesthetics of the building with increased curb appeal, while improving or expanding operational space. It will also increase the thermal efficiency of the existing structure, resulting in lower maintenance and utility costs.

Whether your current roof is metal or non-metal, flat or sloped, Steelway Roof Systems can provide a solution that gives you long-term, weather-tight protection with fewer roofing headaches. The disposal of existing roof materials is eliminated when installing a new retrofit roof system over your existing roof and the construction waste is kept to a minimum and out landfill.

Steelway’s solutions provide a method to replace and upgrade an existing metal roof or wall in less time, at lower costs and without disrupting ongoing operations inside the building.

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