CapLoc Standing Seam Roof System

While standing seam roofing systems have been used for generations, CapLoc features technological advances in roofing that set a new standard for standing seam performance. The system is classified as a symmetrical standing seam, floating panel system and offers many advantages including patented recover solutions for existing metal and shingle roofs. CapLoc panels are joined with a mechanically seamed cap to ensure weather tightness. This system is ideal for architectural applications as it is non-directional and can be installed right-to-left, left-to-right or even centre to right and left.

CapLoc advantages include:

  • Ease of installation,
  • Continuous panel runs, without laps, from eave-to-ridge improves weather tightness,
  • Unsurpassed wind uplift resistance,
  • Watertight seam design,
  • Individual panel removal and replacement capabilities,
  • Five standard profiles available in optional widths, heights and gauges,
  • Outstanding recover (retrofit) solutions.

RTL-24 Standing Seam Roof System

As the benchmark of roofing systems, this standing seam panel features extreme weather tightness.

CapLoc Standing Seam Roof System

This symmetrical panel is the industry’s best method to recover (retrofit) existing metal or shingle roofs.

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